Write My Idea

Record. Write. Learn.

Help your students succeed with their writing and let their ideas flow with Write My Idea.

  • Easy and fun to use for students
  • Interesting and educational activities, including Try Write Myself and Jumble
  • Designed to support structured literacy curriculums
  • Specialised teacher dashboard to gain an overview of your students' work
  • Feedback features to help students improve
  • Co-teaching and multi-teacher support
  • Also available for families

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Write My Idea is an innovative app to help your students succeed with reading and writing.

Designed for young students learning to write, reluctant to write, and helping cater to those with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, Write My Idea allows students to record their ideas first using typing or dictation.

They can then generate worksheets (and print them), allowing them to use their stories to learn the skills of physically writing without having to retain their thoughts in their minds - making learning to write significantly easier and more fun.
Students can also play educational activities using the sentences and words from their stories, such as learning to spell or form sentences using the words from their story.

Teachers can also manage their students' work to gain an overview of their learning and progress using a specially-designed teacher dashboard, including leaving targeted feedback, copying stories to other students to use as assignments, and multiple teacher capabilities for co-teaching or shared classes.


For students:
  • Interactive, step-by-step, guided story creator to help students convey their ideas
  • Easy to use and simple student interface - less time spent showing how to use it, and more time spent teaching
  • 'Save as Draft' option, allowing students to save their work and finish it later
  • Intuitive story viewer, showing the title, date, and their work
  • A range of educational activities using their story content - including spelling, sentence structure, and practicing handwriting using their story
  • Spelling activites are based on the integrated New Zealand spelling curriculum, including automatically sorting words and spellchecking
  • Designed to support structured literacy curriculums
  • Full set of printing layouts for easy publishing of their work, with options for drawing space or lines for handwriting practice
For teachers:
  • Specially-designed teacher dashboard
  • Complete overview of students and their work
  • Easily invite more students with Quickjoin and QR codes, right from the dashboard
  • View and manage students and stories with searching and filtering features
  • Edit and delete stories
  • Leave targeted feedback on stories which students can see while viewing or editing their story
  • Use stories as a template or assignment with the story bank
  • Switch to Student Mode to temporarily become a student in your own class - including writing stories and playing activities
  • Invite and manage multiple teachers who can work with the class - perfect for shared or co-teaching classes

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